Video WAS Everywhere at the DPAA Summit on November 04, 2014 in NYC

By Nurlan Urazbaev

The DPAA’s annual event, Video Everywhere Summit, occupied the whole 4th floor at the Crowne Plaza Times Square hotel in New York, right in the middle of the digital billboards. This year’s Summit broke the attendance record, with over 730 registered delegates (preliminary estimates), representing brands, agencies, digital place-based networks and their research and technology partners. The massive agenda covered topics that included the latest trends in digital place-based media and in advertising in general; the continuing  integration with mobile; the evolution of programmatic media buying; multi-screen strategies, and case studies based on successful DPB ad campaigns by major brands.

The Summit was followed by the MediaPost Digital Out-of-Home Awards and Reception.


DPAA- Digital Drivers Panel 2014

DPAA 2014 Summit – Digital Drivers Panel. Left to right: Anthony Martinez, Coca-Cola; Matt Stein, BBC America; David Shiffman, MediaVest; Greg Kahn, GK Digital Media; Matt Turnbull, MediaCom; Shenan Reed, MEC Global.

DPAA- Frey & Myers 2014 Summit

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Digital Signage Pulse Presents a Featured Digital Place-Based Network: Clear Channel Airports

By Nurlan Urazbaev

The reasons why air travelers are a most desirable target group for advertisers are obvious. They represent the best of both worlds for marketers: millions of affluent consumers who spend one to several hours within a limited space in an airport.

Clear Channel Outdoor started managing advertising properties in airports 40 years ago. Its division Clear Channel Airports now owns ad space in major airports in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asian Pacific, Australia, New Zealand and throughout the Caribbean.

Airport advertising has always been big, but digitizing posters and billboards has given it an unprecedented boost in recent years.

ord ca

Clear Channel Airports (CCA) was one of the first companies to recognize the potential of installing networked digital advertising displays in airports, and today it is the largest and most successful digital out-of-home (DOOH) network operator in this marketplace.

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Digital Place-based Ad Revenue Exceeds $1 Billion and Growing: DSPulse’s Interview with Barry Frey, President and CEO of the DPAA

Barry Frey gave this exclusive interview to Nurlan Urazbaev, Editor-in-Chief of

Barry Frey - office (2)

Barry Frey at his Madison Ave. office

DSPulse: Why was the Digital Place-Based Advertising Association created?
BF: The DPAA was founded in 2006 to represent digital placed-based ad networks and promote their integral role in what we now call the “video everywhere” ecosystem. Some of the original rationale actually came from my good friend David Verklin when he was CEO of Aegis and saw a need for the industry association.

On behalf of our members, we foster collaboration between advertisers, agencies, digital place-based networks and all members of this ecosystem including technology companies, venues and production companies. DPAA provides standards, best practices and industry-wide research; all while promoting the effectiveness of our medium. The DPAA plays an essential role in advancing the industry, similar to other trade associations such as the TVB, CAB, IAB and so on.

DSPulse: After 8 years in existence, what changes in the DPB advertising market has the DPAA brought about?
BF: There have been many major milestones over the years, but perhaps the two biggest are the increased number and sophistication of research tools available to planners, and the growth of overall ad revenue volume that now exceeds $1 billion, excluding cinema. These two accomplishments go hand in hand, and they remain top priorities for us today. Continue reading

DPAA Study Identifies Continuing Share Shift from Digital and Online to Digital Place Based Media

95% of Media Planners Register Concern About Online/Digital Ad Fraud and Viewability Issues.

NEW YORK, Oct. 15, 2014 – A new survey of agency media planners conducted by the Digital Place Based Advertising Association (DPAA) reveals a continuing shift of digital and online budgets into digital place based (DPB) media.

Just under 46% of planners said they will fund their DPB media plans through digital and online budgets, an increase of 10.6% over 2013 and14.5% over 2012.

Planners were asked: “When considering DPB media for inclusion in your media plan(s), from which media would you fund the buy?” The top five most frequently cited in the 2014 survey were:

Outdoor:                                                          57.7%

Digital/Online:                                                  45.9%

National/Local Television:                               32.7%

Experimental/Test                                           24.9%

Mobile                                                             22.4%

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First-Ever Digital Place-based Media Survey Measures Opinions of 250 Advertiser and Agency Executives

MyersBizNet Survey Identifies Audience Value, Quality of Network Sales Teams and Availability of Innovative Advertising Opportunities
as Greatest Strengths of Digital Place Based Media.

NEW YORK, Oct. 7, 2014 – A survey conducted among 250 advertiser and agency executives by  MyersBizNet has identified audience value, quality of network sales teams and the availability of innovative and creative advertising opportunities as the greatest strengths of digital place based (DPB) media networks.

The survey measured the executives’ perceptions toward 13 leading out-of-home and DPB media companies on six performance attributes:

  • Quality of Sales Team and Customer Service
  • Value for the Investment
  • Reach a Valuable Audience
  • Provide Innovative and Creative Opportunities
  • Offer Video and Digital Integration
  • Provide Relevant Research Support and Intelligence

The highest rated category among total respondents was “reaches a valuable audience,” with 67% giving top scores (4 or 5 rating). This enthusiasm was particularly strong among media buyers and planners, with 70% giving top scores for audience value. In a related category, 57% of total respondents gave DPB top scores for “delivers value for the investment.” Continue reading

Digital Signage Pulse Presents a Featured DOOH Advertising Network: Digital Caddies

By Nurlan Urazbaev
September 15, 2014

Studies indicate that in 2013 approximately 25 percent of all business decisions, valued at one million dollars and above, were made by golfers. That, among many other reasons, explains why golfers are a coveted target audience for advertisers. Until recently, the ways to reach them were limited to websites, television channels and magazines dedicated to the sport, or static advertising at golf courses.

Digital Caddies started in 2003 as a company that provided hand-held GPS devices for golf courses and their customers. Somewhere along the way, someone in the management brilliantly put together two simple ideas: the proliferation of digital signage technology and the amount of time golfers spend in the cart during a round. Fast forward to 2014: that eureka moment has materialized into over 11,500 golf-cart-mounted touch screens connected to a centrally-controlled network.

During a four- to five-hour round, golfers continually refer to the high-end, interactive screens to access vital information about the course that includes accurate distance measurements to landmarks, details on each hole, aerial and green views, real-time score cards, and cart-to-clubhouse messaging. Full-screen video ads are displayed as linksmen drive from green to the tee box, and partial-screen, companion ads are served adjacent to course information. Golf courses can leverage the system to increase revenue via house ads and promotions for food, beverage and merchandise. The technology is also used to improve cart tracking and monitor the pace of play.

Tablet Close Up - Boulders


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PQ Media: After 3 Yrs of Slowing Growth, Digital OOH Media Pacing Up 11% in 2014; Key Drivers Are Brazil/Russia Mega-Events; US Healthcare/Politics; Aussie Digi-Surge

August 4, 2014 9:10 AM EDT

STAMFORD, CT (PRWEB) August 04, 2014

Defying economic and political headwinds worldwide, digital out-of-home (DOOH) media operators ground out a 9.3% revenue gain to $8.86 billion in 2013, a solid increase tempered by it being the third straight year of slower growth, according to PQ Media’s annual performance benchmark released today. Key first-half indicators point to DOOH growth accelerating to 11.3% in 2014, boosted by a dynamic combination of the global economy gaining momentum, two sporting mega-events, and increased healthcare, political and transit ad spend, says the new Global Digital Out-of-Home Media Forecast 2014-18.

Influential developed and emerging markets stuttered in 2013, due to myriad challenges posed by debt issues, asset bubbles, political tensions and slower economic growth in high-flying markets like China. These issues filtered down to ad-driven media, which also faced tough comparisons with 2012 as a result of the even-year boost from pivotal sporting and political events. Roadside digital billboards and cinema-based video networks – the two largest location categories – were the most affected verticals in 2013.

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