Rouge Media reaches millions in beauty, campus and resto-bar venues

A DPAA-sponsored feature, by Mark Braff.

Rouge Media operates networks of digital screens on college campuses, in beauty venues and restaurants/bars in North America. Rouge Media’s screens reach millions of people on their daily journeys out of home, helping major international brands to connect with these consumers.

We spoke recently with Rouge’s Alison Jacobs, EVP North America, about her company.


Mark Braff: Tell us about your network. In what types of venues/places do you have screens?

Alison Jacobs: We have three networks in North America where we place digital screens – Beauty, Campus and Resto-Bar. Beauty is a platform reaching women 18-54 years of age, Campus reaches students 18-24, and Resto-Bar reaches adults in the 18-49 age range.

MB: Are these separate networks, or do advertisers run commercials across all your screens?

AJ: They are separate networks, however, advertisers can run commercials across all digital screens in one or more networks at the same time.

MB: What are some examples of the content that runs on your network?

AJ: Our digital screens support both static and video with audio. Content is relevant to the targeted demographic audience.

MB: How many people do you reach in a typical month?

AJ: Beauty delivers 64,800,000 impressions per month in the U.S., and Campus delivers 85,000,000 impressions per month in the U.S.

MB: Who are some of your advertisers?

AJ: Some of our clients include Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Apple, Adidas, H&M, Colgate, MasterCard, 20th Century Fox, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Hershey, Warner Bros, Sony, Microsoft, Samsung, LG, P&G, Kraft, Unilever and Pfizer.

MB: What prompted you to join DPAA?

AJ: Membership in the DPAA and the access it provides to best practices, research and education will enable us to elevate the already high standards that we set for ourselves on behalf of our brand partners. It also gives us a voice in setting the course for the future of the rapidly growing digital place-based media sector.

To learn more, visit Rouge Media’s web site.

Digital Place Based Advertising Association (DPAA).



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