New Ocean Outdoor study shows DOOH is a medium that agencies trust

Automated new technologies like Vehicle Recognition and its play-out reports have boosted trust among media agencies in digital out of home as a reliable, transparent and powerful advertising channel.

According to an industry study published by premium out of home owner Ocean Outdoor, digital out of home (DOOH) advertising continues to outstrip mobile and video on demand as the channel with the greatest growth potential.


Ocean conducted its second annual survey of senior managers in media agencies and specialists to assess the role of DOOH in the current media landscape and identify the impact of new research, data and trading initiatives.

Key findings from the study reveal:

  • DOOH maintains its lead as the media channel with the biggest growth potential, scoring 88 per cent compared to mobile (70 per cent) and video on demand (64 per cent) and leading every other media channel;
  • DOOH is perceived as a being more tech savvy (83 per cent) and a better creative channel (83 per cent) compared to mobile (which scores 42 per cent for creativity) and online (which scores 47 per cent for creativity);
  • Digital out of home also scores higher than any other media channel for offering dynamic (94 per cent, up from 83 per cent year on year), exciting (70 per cent, up from 69 per cent year on year) and modern (87 per cent, up from 82 per cent year on year) advertising environments.

Respondents also said their trust in digital out of home as a delivery mechanism had risen by 17 per cent over the year, that sentiment driven by DOOH’s transparency which outperforms every other media channel by 10 per cent.

Ocean Outdoor marketing director Richard Malton said : “Digital Out of home’s evolution as a sector is driven by data and real time creative opportunities, allowing brands to trade by audiences, dayparts and hyperlocal environments.

“It is these innovations which are also driving the industry’s positive emotional response to digital out of home which is increasingly regarded as a glamorous, powerful and reliable environment for brands.”

Cost and flexibility continue to be issues respondents highlighted as issues to be addressed.

“Over the past 12 months, we’ve made significant advances with bespoke interfaces, new ecosystems and delivery platforms which are designed to unlock the inherent capabilities DOOH as a central component to any media plan,” said Malton.


Ocean Outdoor, which includes Signature Outdoor, currently operates 65 screens and displays across 39 locations in 10 cities.

Background Notes

Ocean’s DOOH industry study was conducted online among media agencies and specialists.
Industry Universe: 784
Sample: 158
Research period: 19/12/2016 – 15/01/2017.


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