Digital signage display vendor profile: media mea

A DPAA-sponsored feature.

Atlanta-based media mea is a digital media marketing development firm specializing in the fabrication of interactive indoor and outdoor LCD/LED digital signage displays. The company joined the Digital Place Based Advertising Association in early 2015. Freelance reporter Mel Stott chatted recently about the company’s business — and origins of its unique name — with Mohamed Ghalayini, media mea’s General Manager.

Before we explore media mea’s role in the DOOH ecosystem, please tell us about the origins of your company’s name.

Our bespoke “media mea” name is derived from Latin and means “My Own Scripture”. This is telling the prospective client that an interactive digital display from media mea will be completely customized and molded to the look and feel of their choice.

Please tell us about the types of display products offered by media mea. 

We offer all sorts of indoor and outdoor LCD, OLED, LED and transparent interactive digital signage displays. They range in sizes from 7” all the way up to 98” in LCD. And to any unlimited size in LED. Our brightness on these LCDs range from 350 nits up to 3500 nits. And on the LEDs brightness range from 2000 nits up to 8000 nits.

We also include a camera, PC/Android OS, RFID and other modules that we embed within each of our units. A payment terminal can be built-in for accepting credit cards, with paper receipts.

A media mea installation

Do any of your displays incorporate social media? 

Yes, when requested by our clients, we include social media modules through our CMAS (CMS) software or any 3rd party CMS software using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social media content is triggered through our software partner Seenspire.

Where can your displays be seen?

Anywhere in the world, indoor and outdoor. But it is always seen around retail, entertainment venues and banking outlets.

What trends are you seeing in digital signage in terms of the displays themselves and/or content?

Digital signage is becoming extremely simple to deal with from a content and management perspective. However, to make it simple to operate, you need a smart screen with all the ‘bells and whistles’, including embedded PC/Android players for content management and cameras for audience measurement and audience engagement.

RFID for interactivity with products is widely used nowadays, as well as NFC for payment and audience engagement, and iBeacons for interacting with passing smart phone users.

Video content is becoming more prevalent than static images.

Digital signage networks today can extend advertisers’ social media reach by displaying their social content on DOOH screens.  Our media mea social wall does exactly that.

To learn more visit media mea’s web site.

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