30,000 of Crane’s “smart” vending machines help big brands engage customers nationwide

A DPAA-sponsored feature.

Crane specializes in “smart” vending machines that include touch screens, wireless connectivity and value-added services such as credit card and mobile payment options.

Crane Connectivity Solutions joined the Digital Place Based Advertising Association (DPAA) in 2015.

Freelance reporter Mel Stott chatted recently about the company with Sharon A. Peyer, Crane’s VP, Media Network.

Sharon Peyer
Sharon Peyer, Vice President, Media Network
Crane Connectivity Solutions

Your promotional materials say that Crane is reinventing the vending machine experience. Please tell us what you are doing in this area, particularly as it relates to digital out-of-home media.

The Payment and Merchandising Technologies business segment of Crane Co. manufactures and sells vending machines, as well as cloud-enabled connectivity solutions for many unattended retail channels, including vending.

Our vending machines today are “smart” – they come with fully integrated touch screens, a wireless connection, and value-added cloud-based services that both attract more consumers and increase their engagement at the point of sale. In addition to making it possible for consumers to pay by credit card or mobile payment, such as  Apple Pay and Android Pay, these features enable brands to engage consumers based on anything from their geographic location to the products they’re purchasing in the machine.

A Crane vending machine
Do you sell your vending machines to individual venues/buildings, or to vending operators? How many machines do you have in the field at this time?

Crane Merchandising Systems sells to full-line vending operators, among other customer groups. These machines are in high-traffic public and private locations ranging from colleges and universities to high-tech and white collar corporate offices. We have about 30,000 screened machines in the US today and hundreds of thousands more deployed, connected and screen-ready.

Please give us an example of what a point-of-sale video execution looks like to the consumer.

We have a patent-pending user experience that features multiple brand sponsorship opportunities:

  • Idle loop spots play in a continuous loop when the machine is idle;
  • Sponsored recommendation spots may appear prior to or during the transaction; and
  • Post-purchase spots play after the transaction, during the 11+ seconds it takes for the product to be released from the machine.

Playtime can range anywhere from seven to 30 seconds depending on the creative asset type, such as video, static or flash.

What are some of the brands that have taken advantage of this opportunity?

We have worked with a variety of brands, including Mastercard, The Hershey Company, Mondelez Inc., and the Kellogg Company.

How do you work with brands to enhance their vending machine presence, i.e., do you have a dedicated sales team for this? Do you sell directly to clients, or work through their ad agencies?

Currently, we both sell directly to brands and we work through their ad agencies.  To learn more about us, please visit: www.cranemedianet.com



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