Live local sports video company ScoreStream finds value in collaborating with DOOH networks

A DPAA-sponsored feature. ScoreStream, the first and only crowd-sourcing platform for live local sports, joined the DPAA this past spring. Mel Stott recently chatted with John Smelzer, President & COO of ScoreStream, about the company.

You bill yourself as the first and only crowd-sourcing platform for live local sports. Please tell us a bit about how your crowd-sourcing platform works.

The ScoreStream mobile app allows fans in the stands to input scores, upload photos and videos, chat, cheer and post to social media. We then use machine learning and several other proprietary techniques to structure, validate and publish this user generated content in real time.

In addition to having a sizable mobile audience, you syndicate real-time content to 500 local media partners nationwide. Who are some of these partners, and please tell us more about the syndication aspect of your business.

We’re now up to 750 local media partners, including TV stations, radio stations, newspapers and cable sports nets representing Sinclair, Tribune, Nexstar, Gannett, Hearst, FSN, CSN, iHeart Radio, ESPN Radio and many others. These partners publish geo-located ScoreStream web widgets covering all their local teams.

We also power on-air tickers for approximately 100 TV stations nationwide and even provide real time “geo-filters” to Snapchat. We’re about to announce one of our most strategic partnerships to date, which will essentially make ScoreStream “the wire” for live, local sports.

How do you see digital out-of-home fitting into your business model?

Once folks realize they can see up-to-the-second coverage of their local high schools, they are thrilled and delighted by that content whenever and wherever they happen to be. Digital out-of-home represents to us countless incremental points of distribution for our highly unique, highly desirable content.

How do you integrate advertising and/or sponsorships into your content? Do you sell national brands or local advertisers… or both?

We’ve just begun to explore sponsorship of our mobile app and are open to any and all business models for monetizing our DOOH content. One likely model would be for our partners to sell locally – something we could never do – as we sell nationally, all subject to mutually agreed-upon rev shares.

High school football must be a big time of year for you. What can users expect to see from ScoreStream during the 2017-18 season?

ScoreStream crowd sources 10,000 local sporting events per week globally – all teams sports, men and women, boys and girls. But yes, high school football in the States is the leading edge for us. This will be our biggest fall yet, sourcing 7,000 prep football games per week, with approximately 500,000 monthly active users on our app and 10’s of millions more viewers of our content via our local media and DOOH partners.

Also, keep an eye out for our new “SportFX” tools, which will empower users to create broadcast quality graphics for their UGC videos.




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