Sports entertainment company Topgolf helps brands to reach 10.5 million guests annually via its 5,000-screen national DOOH network

A DPAA-sponsored feature.

Topgolf, a company that inspires people of all ages and skill levels – even non-golfers – to come together for playful competition, recently joined DPAA. Mel Stott chatted with YuChiang Cheng, President of Topgolf Media.

Please tell us about Topgolf’s business.
Topgolf is a global sports entertainment brand with in-venue entertainment, media properties, original streaming video series, mobile gaming, immersive simulators, competitive tours, more than 100 live concerts annually, pop-up social experiences and the world’s largest digital golf audience.

Across its 34 venues worldwide and growing, Topgolf offers fun and interactive games for all ages and skill levels, paired with an outstanding chef-driven menu, top-shelf drinks, big screen TVs, flexible private event spaces and music in climate-controlled bays for year-round comfort.

topgolf photo
A Topgolf venue

The experience is built on four things everyone loves – play, food and drinks, music and community. Topgolf inspires the connections that bring people together for good times and create memorable moments. Whether it’s a date night, girls’ night, family outing, happy hour, work breakfast, lunch hour or any other kind of hour, Topgolf makes socializing a sport for everyone.

Topgolf is helping grow the game of golf. We give back to the communities through free game play for high school golf teams and charities serving youth, donations to local charities, volunteering and fundraising. Caring is one of Topgolf’s Core Values, and doing good in our communities is at the heart of our brand.

You said you have 34 venues. Are you still expanding?
The 34 Topgolf venues are open across the U.S. and U.K. and entertain more than 10.5 million guests annually. We are still expanding rapidly and will be opening several more locations before the year ends. Next year, we will be opening more international locations in Australia, Mexico and Canada.

What’s are the demographic profiles of the typical Topgolf guests?
Don’t let our name fool you – Topgolf isn’t just for golfers. It’s everyone’s game and inspires people of all ages and skill levels – even non-golfers – to come together for playful fun. Although Topgolf is for everyone, we are very popular among millennials. More than half of our guests are ages 18-34.

What kind of presence does digital out-of-home advertising have at your venues?
Topgolf is a parallel and captivating experience, where our guests play our interactive games, share on social media, watch TV and enjoy live music and entertainment – all at the same time. In this respect, the Topgolf venues are ideal for reaching our guests via digital displays.

Topgolf’s partnerships team has built a digital display platform for use in our venues and Topgolf Swing Suites. Our national network of more than 5,000 screens has a captive audience for an average of two hours per visit. Obviously, this is an opportunity for brands to communicate with our guests in an effective way.

We’ve invested in deploying industry-leading solutions for data management, audience targeting and segmentation, tracking, reporting, trafficking and serving the content.

Topgolf features its partners in unique, integrated branded content through displays in the venue lobbies, in-bay game screens, Topgolf Swing Suites, Topgolf TV and more.

What were your reasons for joining DPAA?
Digital place-based advertising has become a key way for Topgolf and its partners to reach and engage guests. Topgolf is committed to building a modern DOOH network.

Membership in DPAA will allow us to keep abreast of the latest developments in DOOH advertising methods and technology. The creative use of technology permeates our guest experience offline and online, our venue operations and our company culture.


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