Full Press Release Service

Full Press Release Service: High-quality Copy, Fast and Efficient Distribution

Discover your outsourced, hassle-free press release writing and distribution service.

We will write your press release, from scratch or based on your draft.

We will distribute your press release to relevant trade publications and mainstream online press, and will provide you with a media pick-up report.

To order a press release service,  contact us:

You probably wondered why producing a simple press release is often such a headache every time. And why, even after you have released it, no one really pays attention?

Well, you are not alone!

Press releases are written mostly by marketing people, most of whom are not trained writers. Good writers are hard to find and there are expensive to employ full-time.

The pressing majority of press releases today are still written following a rigid template dating back to the pre-Internet times.

Here is what they look like:
“Company (Insert your company name),  the leading provider of (insert your product name) today announced a strategic partnership with (insert another company name), the leading manufacturer of (insert their product here) that marks a breakthrough expansion into the (insert region here) market.

(Insert name here), CEO of (insert company name) said: We are extremely pleased that (the other company name) has chosen us for this critical partnership that will allow us to become even a greater industry leader.

CEO of (the other company) (insert name here) added: We are excited about the opportunity to work with (the first company), who have been really great, and now we can all step up to the plate face this challenge together.

About Company 1:
(Company description in corporate jargon)

About Company 2:
(Company description in corporate jargon)

Here are some more examples of bad press releases that pollute the web: http://www.copypress.com/blog/8-ridiculous-examples-of-press-release-fails/

Does this look familiar? No wonder such releases go nowhere. However, issuing them has wasted many people’s time and money. Most importantly, instead of benefiting your business, they actually cause considerable damage. Unfortunately you cannot erase bad press releases from your online history.

If you’d like to abandon the vicious circle of self-destructive press release efforts, you should turn to real writers. And you’ll have an even better success if the writers are well-versed in your industry.

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