How Quividi’s audience measurement tech helps DOOH networks wow audiences and attract top advertisers

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By Mark Braff.

Quividi’s anonymous video analytics (AVA) platform counts and qualifies digital out-of-home audiences in real time via video sensors installed in digital displays.

The Paris-based company calls itself “the only Anonymous Video Analytics technology with a 10-year track record across tens of thousands of points.” Quividi software runs on signage players, iOT devices, servers, with most video sensors and under most operating systems.

I recently chatted with Ke-Quang Nguyen-Phuc, Quividi’s CEO about his company.

Mark Braff: Tell us about your Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA) platform. What types of information does it gather?

Ke-Quang Nguyen-Phuc: Quividi’s AVA platform accurately counts and qualifies audiences in real time.

For any communication running on a Quividi-equipped screen, we provide an extensive range of contextual information: gender, age and mood of the viewers as well as the total dwell time while in the field of view of the video sensor, the total attention time (i.e., the time when a person’s face is turned towards the video sensor) and the position and distance from the video sensor.

In addition to the above data, which is collected for each viewer, Quividi produces an estimate of the total footfall in front of the video sensor.

Ke-Quang Nguyen-Phuc, CEO of Quividi

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Digital Signage Federation Simplifies Membership Fee Structure

Warrenton, VAThe Digital Signage Federation® (DSF), the independent not-for-profit trade organization serving the digital signage industry, has imtroduced a new membership fee structure. The new fee structure not only recognizes a broader definition of “end users,” now to include brands/advertisers and digital network operators, at its “Tier 1” level, but also incentivizes enrollment by offering a very affordable annual membership fee of just one hundred dollars ($100US).

“Tier 2” now extends the same $250 annual fee currently applied solely to industry consultants. However, integrators will now join the DSF at the “Tier 3” rate, the same annual fee of $500 required formerly from only industry vendors and suppliers.


  • Tier 1 – End Users, Brands/Advertisers, and Network Operators – $100/year per organization
  • Tier 2 – Consultants – $250/year per organization
  • Tier 3 – Vendors, Suppliers, and Integrators – $500/year per organization

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Winners of the global Out of Home association’s 2016 Awards (FEPE)

FEPE International Awards 2016.

Nancy Fletcher and John Ellery are joint winners of FEPE Lifetime Achievement Award. Women’s Aid by Ocean wins Creative Award. 

FEPE International President Antonio Vincenti announced the winners of the global Out of Home association’s 2016 Awards at the FEPE Congress in Barcelona last night (June 2nd).

The award winners were chosen by a jury of FEPE board directors and former Presidents, all senior representatives from the worldwide OOH industry.

The joint winners of the Lifetime Achievement Award were Nancy Fletcher, President and CEO of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America and John Ellery, Executive Director of FEPE.

Nancy and John
Nancy Fletcher, President and CEO of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America and John Ellery, Executive Director of FEPE.

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Matthew Dearden appointed President of FEPE International

Barcelona, Spain:  Matthew Dearden, Clear Channel Outdoor’s President, Europe, has been appointed President of FEPE International, the worldwide association of outdoor advertising companies. The news was announced at the 57th FEPE Congress in Barcelona by the current FEPE President,  Antonio Vincenti. 

In his new role as President of FEPE, Matthew has outlined a new vision for the organisation, centered around ‘Inspiration’.  The theme reflects both the creative power of the outdoor medium to connect advertisers and people, and also FEPE’s role: to inspire the out-of-home advertising business.

Matthew Dearden - President Europe CCO
Matthew Dearden

Matthew will also be responsible for chairing the FEPE Board, comprised of senior executives from the global out-of-home industry, to lead FEPE’s new vision and support the organisation’s worldwide lobbying for outdoor advertising with authorities, international organizations, political opinion formers and the communication media.

Matthew – a Vice President on the FEPE Board since 2014 – replaces Antonio Vincenti CEO of Pikasso, Lebanon, who has been in the role of President since 2014.  Continue reading