Magnetic 3D makes content “literally float in front of displays”, without the need for glasses

By Mel Stott, contributor for DPAA.

New York-based Magnetic 3D is one of the newest members if Digital Place Based Advertising Association’s (DPAA). Magnetic 3D is a leading provider of glasses-free 3D solutions for the professional display market. The company’s products increase customer engagement and are proven to elevate sales through more effective advertising and marketing campaigns with immersive 3D content.

The company has had success across retail and events, and recently announced the launch of a new immersive and experiential platform that adds another dimension to digital out of home campaigns. A complete media kit on the company can be requested here.

Mel Stott chatted with Tom Zerega, Magnetic 3D’s Founder & Chief Executive Officer.

Tom Zerega

When people think about 3D video screens they usually think about wearing cumbersome glasses. Your 3D screens are glasses-free. How do you accomplish this?

 It’s magic of course!

Just kidding, our Enabl3D™ technology works by adding a proprietary lens to the front of a flat panel display which essentially means the TV wears the glasses instead of the viewer.

There are some other workflow tricks of course on the software and content production side which we do internally or in partnership with agencies.

It’s important to note that after we add the lens all content is not instantly 3D (though that would be magic).  Instead, we take 2D or 3D content and repurpose it, or convert it into our glasses-free, very high fidelity 3D format that ensures everyone has a great experience, from the client to the customer.

The result is captivating 3D content that literally floats in front of and into the display.

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