Captivate Unveils Rebrand of Elevator and Lobby Screen Networks

Next Generation Initiative Elevates Tenant Engagement
and Impact of Advertising Solutions with Enhanced Content Presentation.

Captivate Logo- March 2015(2)

NEW YORK, March 2, 2015– Captivate, North America’s #1 video media network, has unveiled an innovative, contemporary content presentation to increase engagement with a captivated audience of upscale, hard-to-reach business professionals and drive value for advertising and commercial real estate partners.

The on-screen enhancements introduce new features and functionality including a redesign of the viewers’ most popular destination, the time and temperature window. This feature now consists of a background sky that dynamically changes to reflect current weather conditions and a cityscape to reinforce Captivate’s unique positioning in more than 1,800 premier office buildings across North America’s top urban markets. The window also expands to include finance, weather and sports news, and now remains on-screen during full-screen, non-advertising content. All enhancements combine to deliver a more valuable viewer experience.

The upgrades take effect today and occur against the backdrop of strong growth in 2014 including expansion into new markets and 220% viewership growth over the past five years, resulting in 12 million unique monthly viewers.

Captivate Standard Screen -2015

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Digital Billboard Advertising 101

Guest post by Neil McLeod.

Digital billboards are quickly changing the way outdoor advertising is done because of their potential for new creative formats and the ease of ad placement to multiple sites. Today digital billboards are the main driver of growth in outdoor advertising.

Digital billboards were invented a few decades ago but hadn’t really become cost effective enough until the last decade. Advances in technology are making electronic billboards bigger, brighter, higher resolution and cheaper every year.

Billboard companies are increasingly replacing high traffic static billboards with digital ones. Most digital billboards cost about the same or more than static billboards, yet they are several times more profitable, as they allow more ads to be displayed on the same property. Digital billboard ads generally attract more attention as they are brighter and often have movement. Digital signage software allows media owners to connect digital billboards into networks and easily manage the location targeting, buying, executing and accounting for the campaigns.

Advertisers usually book digital billboard campaigns for 4-week increments for a single ad slot. A slot is approximately 8 to 10 seconds per minute of exposure on the board for 4 weeks (which means about 6 to 7 different ads per minute). Continue reading

DOOH advertising done right: exclusive interview with Amscreen’s Mike Hemmings

By Nurlan Urazbaev

As a digital out-of-home market observer, I have been following Amscreen for a few years now. If I had to imagine an ideal DOOH network, Amscreen would probably be the closest one. A rare occurrence in DOOH advertising, the company seemed to do almost everything right: from content strategy and screen locations to use of technology, audience targeting and ad effectiveness measurement.

With over 6500 outdoor screens in operation, Amscreen calls itself “Europe’s largest, fastest growing Digital Outdoor Network.”

Mike Hemmings, International Marketing Director at AMScreen Ltd, shared with me his insights into the reasons behind the network’s success and the future of DOOH advertising.


Mike Hemmings, International Marketing Director, Amscreen

NU: What is Amscreen?

MH: With its heritage grounded in technology, Amscreen is a global DOOH media owner and solutions provider whose individuality lies in the control we have in developing our hardware and software technologies. This enables our systems to reflect advances in the Digital OOH and advertising sectors and pave new ways to reach clients and target audiences effectively.

What differentiates Amscreen from the competition?

We spend a lot of time and resources developing our own technology; this means we are not dependent on reams of 3rd party suppliers, like many other players in the sector. These technologies include our GEO+ functionality that allows content to be automatically tailored and delivered across our UK-wide screen network en mass, as well as OptimEyes. OptimEyes is our own facial detection-based audience measurement platform. OptimEyes is based on a Quividi software version that was fully customized and enhanced for Amscreen. The output of OptimEyes is called Audience Assured Advertising (AAA). Continue reading

The Netherlands: MyAdbooker Launched Real-Time Bidding Platform For Digital Out-Of-Home Screens

Amsterdam, December 17th 2014. – MyAdbooker has launched a platform for Real
Time Buying on digital out of home advertising (DOOH). With the added possibility
of Real Time Bidding, MyAdbooker enables advertisers to adapt out of home
advertising to real time events and situations. With this achievement DOOH is finally
on par with real time online advertising.

Programmatic buying and Real-Time Bidding
Programmatic buying has been playing a mayor part in purchasing, optimisation and
realisation of online advertising. With Real Time Bidding advertisers are able to bid on
advertisement space for important websites, increasing yield form online campaigns.
Major companies like Microsoft, Google and Appnexus are leading the way. However the
existing platforms do not offer the opportunity for real time bidding in digital out of home

But this has changed now. MyAdbooker has developed a Supply Side Platform (SSP) for
Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) and has made it possible for Demand Side Platforms (DSPs)
to gain real time access to DOOH screens. Real Time Bidding for DOOH is now a reality
and with it the wide range of targeting and optimisation.

Coca Cola as first adopter
Coca Cola is the first to use the new technology, using programmatic buying and real time
bidding for their Dutch Christmas DOOH campaign, which was launched December 6th. Continue reading

Posterscope launches world’s first real-time trading platform for digital billboards

Beta launch, powered by technology from Vistar Media, brings online-style trading to premium quality Out-of-Home media. Leading Out-of-Home Media Companies Lamar and OUTFRONT Media Sign on as Charter Partners

Leading global OOH communications agency Posterscope today announces the launch of the world’s first real-time trading platform for digital billboards. The platform is the result of a partnership between Posterscope, leading location-based technology company Vistar Media and a committed group of leading out-of-home media owners.

Media owner partners for the beta launch phase, which commences during Q1 2015, include Lamar, and OUTFRONT Media (formerly CBS Outdoor) who between them operate more than 2800 digital billboards.

Posterscope will utilize Vistar’s digital OOH real-time buying platform to offer brands greater agility and audience targeting, as well as access to premium inventory, while growing the OOH market by opening up more online budgets to the medium. The move helps ensure that Posterscope’s clients can take full advantage of the connectivity of digital OOH. Continue reading

Video WAS Everywhere at the DPAA Summit on November 04, 2014 in NYC

By Nurlan Urazbaev

The DPAA’s annual event, Video Everywhere Summit, occupied the whole 4th floor at the Crowne Plaza Times Square hotel in New York, right in the middle of the digital billboards. This year’s Summit broke the attendance record, with over 730 registered delegates (preliminary estimates), representing brands, agencies, digital place-based networks and their research and technology partners. The massive agenda covered topics that included the latest trends in digital place-based media and in advertising in general; the continuing  integration with mobile; the evolution of programmatic media buying; multi-screen strategies, and case studies based on successful DPB ad campaigns by major brands.

The Summit was followed by the MediaPost Digital Out-of-Home Awards and Reception.


DPAA- Digital Drivers Panel 2014

DPAA 2014 Summit – Digital Drivers Panel. Left to right: Anthony Martinez, Coca-Cola; Matt Stein, BBC America; David Shiffman, MediaVest; Greg Kahn, GK Digital Media; Matt Turnbull, MediaCom; Shenan Reed, MEC Global.

DPAA- Frey & Myers 2014 Summit

DPAA 2014 Summit: Barry Frey and Jack Myers Continue reading

Digital Signage Pulse Presents a Featured Digital Place-Based Network: Clear Channel Airports

By Nurlan Urazbaev

The reasons why air travelers are a most desirable target group for advertisers are obvious. They represent the best of both worlds for marketers: millions of affluent consumers who spend one to several hours within a limited space in an airport.

Clear Channel Outdoor started managing advertising properties in airports 40 years ago. Its division Clear Channel Airports now owns ad space in major airports in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asian Pacific, Australia, New Zealand and throughout the Caribbean.

Airport advertising has always been big, but digitizing posters and billboards has given it an unprecedented boost in recent years.

ord ca

Clear Channel Airports (CCA) was one of the first companies to recognize the potential of installing networked digital advertising displays in airports, and today it is the largest and most successful digital out-of-home (DOOH) network operator in this marketplace.

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