Randy Dearborn on the future of the industry and his plans for the Digital Signage Federation in 2016

By Nurlan Urazbaev, Editor-in-Chief,
Digital Signage Pulse.

Randy Dearborn, Vice President of Media Technology for MGM Resorts International, was recently elected Chairman of the Digital Signage Federation (DSF).

Taking over from another brilliant industry veteran, Ken Goldberg, Randy Dearborn is inheriting a rich legacy to build on at the DSF.

Mr. Dearborn shared his views on the state of digital signage and the future he plans for the organisation, with Digital Signage Pulse.


NU: Since the DSF was formed, what has it accomplished, in your opinion, and what is yet to be achieved?

RD: Consolidation, standardization, education along with an incredible central repository of industry knowledge. A great starting point for someone just entering into the industry that didn’t exist when we all started.

Expanding internationally, which our previous Chairman Ken Goldberg has been diligently working on, will be the next great achievement for the organization. Continue reading

SITO Mobile Helps Brands to Better Target Consumers and Track Results of Their OOH Campaigns

A DPAA-Sponsored Feature. 

Given the variety of media choices and devices, people today have much more freedom in how they can access their favorite content. At present, the ad industry is lagging behind these changes in consumer behavior and is in search of ways to bridge this gap.

As most new media, direct (‘push’) mobile marketing is suffering from the growing ad-avoidance trends that have been made possible by the latest technologies. Out-of-home (OOH) advertising, however, appears to be the medium least affected by the ad rejection. In this respect, combining OOH with mobile offers brands unprecedented advantages for engaging consumers and measuring the effectiveness of campaigns.

As it is becoming increasingly digital and versatile, OOH is now a critical component of any marketing strategy. The oldest advertising medium is now enhanced with high impact content on digital displays everywhere we look, and it now generates $7 billion annually. Continue reading

Why Out of Home Advertising Is a Potential Winner in the Battle for Eyeballs

By Nurlan Urazbaev.

For those who read my article The State of Out of Home Advertising, 2015, there is a follow up to it, published by Media Village. You can find this piece here : Why Out of Home Advertising Is a Potential Winner in the Battle for Eyeballs.” 


OOH Industry’s Major Victory in Congress: Five-year Highway Bill

The President today signed the first long-term Highway Bill in a decade; Congress completed action on Thursday.

The five-year bill retains the federal regulatory structure for billboards (Highway Beautification Act), which protects property rights by requiring that government pay just compensation for removal of billboards.

As Congress was considering this major legislation, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) led the fight to reject two amendments that would alter federal regulation, by:

• Allowing corporate logo advertising on the right of way. This amendment was defeated on the House floor November 4.

• Changing the 50-year definition of “customary use.” Leaders of the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee blocked this amendment in committee. Continue reading

TAB Board Votes for Major Upgrade to OOH Measurement System

NEW YORK – The Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement’s Board of Directors gave unanimous approval to begin the testing phase for a major upgrade to the industry’s audience measurement system. The Traffic Audit Bureau, or TAB, is the Out of Home advertising industry body that develops the ratings currency used across the United States and Puerto Rico.

This test is expected to fuel significant improvements to TAB’s audience measurement system, a project dubbed “Operation M.O.R.E.,” – short for Measurement Optimization and Ratings Enhancement. The current TAB ratings system was originally released in 2010 and upgraded to include digital ratings in 2015. The newly created ratings system will include enhancements such as the ability to gain seasonal variation and dayparting, expand coverage to additional formats, provide advanced audience profiles, and conduct pre- and post-campaign analysis.  Continue reading

A rare peek inside the world’s No. 1 digital signage software company

By Nurlan Urazbaev,
Editor-in-Chief of DigitalSignagePulse.com

Earlier this fall I was invited to visit BroadSign’s new offices in downtown Montreal. It was the fourth move since the company was incorporated in 2004 under this brand name.


Every move marked a milestone in BroadSign’s ascension to the top of the list of digital signage software makers. When it started, there were a few dozen of other software vendors, and the competition was already tough. Today, there are several hundred of competitors, each claiming to be a ‘leading provider’.

It took a unique product and marketing strategy to cut through the enormous clutter and rise to the top in a most saturated market.

Since 2008, BroadSign has been consistently ranked in the top three digital signage software manufacturers by various sources. Since 2011, it has been named No. 1 by the DailyDOOH trade publication, and since 2014 the company has been occupying the number one position in Frost & Sullivan’s rankings.

The Secret Sauce

What is behind the company’s success? At an early stage, the core team realized that the future of digital signage, aka digital out-of-home (DOOH), would be defined by scale and efficiency, and that it would be fueled by advertising dollars. Hence the efforts were focused on making the platform media buyer-friendly, campaign performance transparent and making the workflow automated.  Continue reading

Videos of presentations from the 2015 DPAA Video Everywhere Summit in NY

The Video Everywhere Summit by the Digital Place Based Association took place on November 03, 2015 at the Crowne Plaza Times Square hotel.

Barry Frey
Barry Frey, President and CEO of DPAA

Opening Remarks by Barry Frey CEO (Video, 14:50) 

Stuart Elliott interviews Lori Hiltz & Rishad Tobaccowala (Video, 21:17)


Programmatic panel

Programmatic panel

Programmatic, the Way Forward (Video, 50:45)

Lori Hiltz, CEO of Havas NA on the future of media agencies (Video, 10:24) Continue reading

Coffee and Controversy: A Digital Signage Breakfast Debate by DSF, November 03, 2015

As part of the NYC Digital Signage Week, the Digital Signage Federation (DSF) hosted Coffee & Controversy: A Breakfast Debate at Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar on November 3.

Ken Goldberg, DSF Chairman, moderated this entertaining discourse between four panelists. Each participant had to answer the same questions on topics ranging from technology to content and operations.

Over 80 attendees voted for their favorite panelist answers via a mobile app.

The panelists were (left to right):

Phil Lenger, President & Creative Director, Show + Tell;

Randy Dearborn, DSF 2015 Vice Chairman & Vice President Multimedia Technologies, MGM Resorts International;

Moderator: Ken Goldberg, DSF Chairman, CEO, Real Digital Media

Bryan Meszaros, CEO & Founder, OpenEye;

Dan McAllister, SVP/GM Americas of Scala.

The fresh format allowed for short answers and a quick pace of discussion. Everyone could see whose answer the audience liked the most, as the results were displayed live on a digital sign.

Some insights that got my attention included: Continue reading

Press coverage of the DPAA Video Everywhere Summit, November 03, 2015, NY, NY

Charlene Weisler of Media Village recapped the DPAA Summit in her article The Mediapalooza is the Message Says the DPAA. She writes: Currently “forty-one percent of OOH is digital,” according to DPAA Chairman François de Gaspé Beaubien — and this is poised to increase over the next few years.

Looking ahead, DPAA CEO Barry Frey predicts that “by 2017 more than half of all OOH revenue will be digital and 10% bought programmatically. There will then be a steep curve towards programmatic.”

Jeff Gunderman, president and CEO of Eye Corp, spoke with The Drum at the Digital Place Based Advertising Association (DPAA) Video Everywhere Summit about out-of-home advertising opportunities for marketers during the holiday season.

Eye Corp, which provides traditional and digital out-of-home advertising in malls, bars, and nightclub throughout the US, recently commissioned a survey that found 82 per cent of holiday shoppers say they plan to spend the same or more at the mall this year.

Gunderman, who leads the mobile integration committee for the DPAA and sits on the interactive committee for the OOH Advertising Association, discusses how shopping mall developers are increasingly investing more money and energy into turning them into ‘destination’ locations to appeal to consumers and how mobile can integrate with more traditional media.

You can find the video interview with Jeff here .


AdWeek singled out a presentation by Rishad Tobacowalla, chief strategist at Publicis Groupe and known Zen master of the agency world, who made great use of his 10-minute slot by identifying the year marketing was turned upside down, then offering ideas on how to think about successful marketing today and in the future.

After establishing that the three drivers of change in marketing and communications are globalization, demographic shifts and digitization, Tobaccowala pointed out that the increase in processing power in smartphones—today’s phones have greater processing power than all the computers in the first space shuttle, he noted—has empowered consumers like never before, turning them into veritable Davids with slingshots to marketers’ Goliaths. Read the original article here. 

MediaPost’s Joe Mandese covered a debate of top industry executives capping off the Digital Place-Based Advertising Association’s annual “Video Everywhere”.

The debate, which was moderated point/counterpoint style by Simulmedia CEO and Founder Dave Morgan, positioned advocates on two sides of an opposing question: Should video advertising be treated “agnostically and equally” regardless of the TV, PC, handheld or digital-out-of-home screen it appears on?  Continue reading

Why attend the DPAA’s Video Everywhere Summit and who will be exhibiting what on November 03 at the Crowne Plaza, Times Square

The Summit’s A-List roster of speakers will analyze the industry’s latest trends and present the best digital place-based media campaign case studies.

The agenda allows for extensive networking breaks, with Attract Media’s cocktail reception at the end.

This year’s DPAA Video Everywhere Summit will take place on Nov. 3 at the Crowne Plaza in NY. Registration is open at www.videoeverywheresummit.com.

The Intel & Partners Innovations Hall will feature exhibits from top providers of the latest ad tech for the digital place-based media.

Below is an exclusive peek into what this year’s exhibitors will be showing:

Attract Media: A division of TouchTunes, Attract Media is a new digital out-of-home advertising platform in more than 60,000 social venues nationwide. Their cross-screen ecosystem offers brands a compelling way to amplify Continue reading