Vengo Brings Your ‘Corner Store’ and More to Where You Are


By Nurlan Urazbaev.

The first time I heard of Vengo was a few weeks ago, following an announcement from the DPAA (Digital Place-Based Advertising Association), and I was surprised to learn about a new type of an interactive kiosk.

Vengo’s wall-mounted vending machines occupy only two square feet of surface and they are just six inches deep. A touchscreen advertises the products that are inside and is also used to perform a credit card purchase. Vengos can dispense tech items such as headphones and chargers, as well as gum, mouthwash, cologne and other ‘convenience’ goods, and they can hold 7-10 days’ worth of product.

The compact size of the sleek high-tech machines allows Vengo to bring the ‘corner store’ to where you are – office buildings, bars, doctor’s offices and even taxi cabs.


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AdMobilize Launches World’s First Plug & Measure Analytics Platform for OOH and DOOH


Miami Beach, Florida: AdMobilize®, an Internet of Things technology company that quantifies the physical world, has launched “AdBeacon®”, the world’s first “Plug and Measure” analytics platform for OOH & DOOH. A patent pending platform marries advanced object-detection software with easy to install hardware allowing operators and agencies to understand campaign performance in real time.


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The 5th international conference “Digital Signage – no alternative” – Moscow, May 29

DSConf_logo eng

Registration is now open.

Russia’s largest international digital signage conference will be held for the fifth consecutive year in Moscow. It will take place on May 29, 2015 in Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel.

Since its launch in 2011, the conference has become a popular forum where venue owners and digital out-of-home network operators can learn about the latest trends in digital signage technology, content strategy and successful installations and campaigns.

The conference reflects the rapid growth of digital signage networks across Russia.
Due to vast distances separating branches of corporate chains in Russia, digital signage is being increasingly recognized as the most efficient way of communicating promotional and advertising  messages to customers, or informing and educating employees.

Digital signage is no longer a novelty in Russia. It has become widespread in retail, banks, restaurants, hotels, fitness clubs, sports arenas, transit and other public spaces. Anywhere you go, you run across promotional displays, interactive fitting-rooms, video walls, 3D way-finding kiosks, digital menus, media facades, digital billboards and other digital signage systems.

However, this is still just the beginning of digital signage adoption in Russia. As more and more venue owners decide to deploy networks, the demand for know-how and best practices guides is growing. The annual “Digital Signage – no alternative” conference is the place where you can gain that kind of indispensable knowledge. Continue reading

Edison Research Measures Effectiveness of Digital Out-of-Home Advertising


By Nurlan Urazbaev.

The challenge of measuring campaign effectiveness has been one of the main hurdles preventing digital out-of-home networks from gaining the share of the advertising spend they deserve.

Edison Research is one of the leading companies working to overcome that challenge.

At the core of its OOH advertising research is expertise in in-person consumer polling. According to Director of Research Johanna Roche, since 2002 the company has conducted face-to-face surveys for OOH and now has experience in almost every imaginable venue.

“We measure opportunity to see, vehicle and advertising reach, dwell time and other audit metrics, as well as key effectiveness measures such as awareness/lift, usage and ‘willingness to consider’. We can also gather important demographic, psychographic and behavioral information about your audience or customers to help optimize current campaigns and inform future ones,” says Roche. Continue reading

Kinetic releases first edition of US Digital OOH Handbook (free pdf download) Source – Kinetic

Source- Kinetic.


NEW YORK — Kinetic, the world’s largest out of home media specialist, has just launched the first edition of the US Digital OOH Handbook, an in-depth guide to digital out of home opportunities in the US. The handbook provides an overview of the formats available in every environment across the US digital out of home market and serves as a companion piece to Moving World USA, the company’s report on cultural trends and consumer behaviors published in February.

According to PQ Media, US digital OOH media spending in 2014 was estimated at $2.9 billion and projected to grow over 3% in 2015. The digital out of home market is vast, and understanding the possibilities the medium provides can be a challenge. Conceived as a reference guide for the entire industry, the 2015 Digital OOH Handbook eliminates the mystique around planning and buying digital out of home media by identifying precise opportunities throughout the OOH landscape.

The handbook provides insight on every category from iconic landmarks to national networks and niche targeting. Information provided for each format includes technical specifications and a detailed description to aid with determining how this medium can be best utilized for effective brand communication.

“As the world of media becomes progressively digital and mobile it’s vital to understand the power, scale and opportunities available through digital out of home,” said David Krupp, CEO, Kinetic Americas. “Kinetic’s Digital OOH Handbook serves as a resource for our existing and future clients when they consider new approaches to reach audiences; approaches grounded in real reach and actual views based upon consumer behavior.”

The 2015 Digital OOH Handbook is available for download by clicking here.

SOURCE Kinetic



Captivate Unveils Rebrand of Elevator and Lobby Screen Networks

Next Generation Initiative Elevates Tenant Engagement
and Impact of Advertising Solutions with Enhanced Content Presentation.

Captivate Logo- March 2015(2)

NEW YORK, March 2, 2015– Captivate, North America’s #1 video media network, has unveiled an innovative, contemporary content presentation to increase engagement with a captivated audience of upscale, hard-to-reach business professionals and drive value for advertising and commercial real estate partners.

The on-screen enhancements introduce new features and functionality including a redesign of the viewers’ most popular destination, the time and temperature window. This feature now consists of a background sky that dynamically changes to reflect current weather conditions and a cityscape to reinforce Captivate’s unique positioning in more than 1,800 premier office buildings across North America’s top urban markets. The window also expands to include finance, weather and sports news, and now remains on-screen during full-screen, non-advertising content. All enhancements combine to deliver a more valuable viewer experience.

The upgrades take effect today and occur against the backdrop of strong growth in 2014 including expansion into new markets and 220% viewership growth over the past five years, resulting in 12 million unique monthly viewers.

Captivate Standard Screen -2015

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Digital Billboard Advertising 101

Guest post by Neil McLeod.

Digital billboards are quickly changing the way outdoor advertising is done because of their potential for new creative formats and the ease of ad placement to multiple sites. Today digital billboards are the main driver of growth in outdoor advertising.

Digital billboards were invented a few decades ago but hadn’t really become cost effective enough until the last decade. Advances in technology are making electronic billboards bigger, brighter, higher resolution and cheaper every year.

Billboard companies are increasingly replacing high traffic static billboards with digital ones. Most digital billboards cost about the same or more than static billboards, yet they are several times more profitable, as they allow more ads to be displayed on the same property. Digital billboard ads generally attract more attention as they are brighter and often have movement. Digital signage software allows media owners to connect digital billboards into networks and easily manage the location targeting, buying, executing and accounting for the campaigns.

Advertisers usually book digital billboard campaigns for 4-week increments for a single ad slot. A slot is approximately 8 to 10 seconds per minute of exposure on the board for 4 weeks (which means about 6 to 7 different ads per minute). Continue reading