Location intelligence firm Ubimo integrates DOOH campaigns with mobile

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Ubimo, a location intelligence technology company, recently joined the DPAA’s membership ranks. Mel Stott interviewed Kelly Lawler, Ubimo’s VP of Sales.

Please tell us a bit about Ubimo’s business.

Ubimo’s technology empowers companies to gather, analyze and activate geospatial information in order to make their digital marketing perform better by turning raw location data into actionable insights. The tech is in the form of a self-service platform, giving our clients both transparency and control.

Our Location Intelligence Platform combines proprietary geo based technology with advanced artificial intelligence. This allows customers to analyse 1st and 3rd party data about real world behaviors in order to make better advertising decisions.

For the OOH industry, our platform offers media owners a more granular understanding of the people exposed to their properties by amassing demographic, behavioral and geographical signals.

Our audience extension tools match OOH billboard locations to exposed mobile devices. As a result, we have the ability to monitor exposure rates and behavioral trends.

This allows for a more effective campaign work flow for and re-targeting strategies that get results.

Another advantage of the platform is its ability to perform in-store visitation attribution in real-time, which allows advertisers to optimize campaign variables more precisely.

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India’s largest DOOH ad network in railway stations plans to expand into bus and Metro transit

A DPAA- sponsored feature. Vyoma Media, India’s leading out-of-home digital media solution company, recently joined the DPAA as the group’s latest international member and first from that country. Mel Stott recently chatted with Shoumitro Goswami, Vyoma’s COO.   

In what types of venues are your screens located?

We are currently located at railway stations across India and have been fortunate to have an on-going relationship with the Indian Railways for a number of years now. Specifically, our screens are located at the ticket counters where on average 23 million tickets are bought every day. This allows us to engage with a captive audience who are typically waiting in-line for 10-15 minutes.

We’re also exploring opportunities within the ever expanding Metro system, local bus and highways network in the country.

What type of content do you play?

Our goal is to inform travelers better, which in the past only happened verbally when the traveler came face to face with the ticket counter executive.

In order to get travelers to view our screens, the bottom ¼ of every screen shows their ticket information (details of a traveler’s purchase and journey). So now when they are purchasing their ticket they have already got a preview of their details on the screen before completing their payments.

On the top ¾ of the screen we show advertising, railway content and also content that we’ve created in-house. Advertisements are normally a 10-30 second video, animation or stills that are provided by our clients. Railway content includes trip-related information and public service announcements.

We also put up engaging content that might include cricket or sport scores, information about the location the traveler is at, historical highlights and relevant national news highlights.

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