Reflect’s DOOH tech platform powers 350 thousand digital displays in retail, entertainment and hospitality venues

Reflect, a Dallas-based, full-service provider of digital signage technology, joined DPAA earlier this year. Mel Stott recently chatted with Matt Schmitt, Reflect’s President & Co-founder.

Please tell us about your company’s business, including your AdLogic platform and ReflectMedia service.

Reflect has been helping brands power digital media networks since 2001. We have an enterprise-class content system called ReflectView, which supports digital signage and interactive applications across a variety of screen and device types.

Our AdLogic platform was developed in response to an industry need for a highly automated approach to ad trafficking, delivery and reporting. One important point about AdLogic is that it can work in conjunction with programmatic ad sales, but at its core it serves a vital function for direct media sales – i.e. a media network selling directly to agencies and brands.

Reflect TV Photo
ReflectTV screen

Since the majority of ad sales in the place-based market are not yet programmatic in nature, it’s important for a platform to provide scalability for a variety of approaches.

ReflectMedia is a service offering, created to meet the needs of our clients who have a media network (or are planning one) and want help shaping and executing an ad sales program. We create rate cards, inventory and media kits. We then work in collaboration with our clients to activate the media network by calling on agencies and brands to execute media buys.

How many screens and locations utilize the Reflect platform?

There are over 350,000 active displays being powered by Reflect in a variety of place-based venues, including retail, entertainment and hospitality locations. These include traditional digital signage, as well as many interactive and experiential activations delivering billions of annual audience impressions.

Reflect has worked with some leading brands including Best Buy, Buffalo Wild Wings, Levi’s and Verizon Wireless, to name just a few. Can you share a brief case study with us as an example of what you do for these brands?

We work with our clients to develop a strategy. Then we pull together the right solution and help our clients to activate and optimize their digital networks. Over the years, we’ve been able to shape best practices and put together all the pieces needed to deploy and operate a successful digital network. We have some great success stories on our website at

What’s next for Reflect?

Our team is continuing to develop and release innovative technology, including even more data-driven solutions for automation and optimization of content creation, delivery, media sales and analytics. We’re also helping our clients to craft and deliver solutions that are strategy-driven.

Why did you join DPAA?

Place-based venues are becoming a must-have channel for brands to reach audiences effectively. We want to work with industry partners and leaders to make it easier for brands to take advantage of this opportunity. DPAA provides a great forum to bring stakeholders together and to foster common goals and progress.

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