Blue Bite helps DOOH networks measure campaign ROI via mobile device engagement

Blue Bite, an active member of the Digital Place Based Advertising Association (DPAA) for several years, is a company that enables DOOH media owners to add connective capabilities using wireless and/or sensor technology. Blue Bite’s technology provides an additional content distribution channel and ROI measurement tool.

Freelance reporter Mel Stott chatted recently about the company with Mikhail Damiani, CEO & Co-Founder.

What is Blue Bite and how did the company get its name?

Blue Bite is a digital experience engine that delivers contextually-aware content through smart objects. We enable companies, such as media owners, to add connective capabilities to OOH formats using wireless and/or sensor technology, providing an additional content distribution channel and measure of ROI.

Blue Bite is a play on the word ‘Bluetooth,’ the first wireless technology utilized by our company. Our shark’s teeth logo was created by our own Chief Product Officer, Paul Knight.

It sounds as if a consumer could encounter your technology at numerous touch-points. Can you provide an example of the places a consumer might interact with your technology on his or her typical daily journey?

A consumer might interact with our technology at a transit station while waiting for the next train or bus; a storefront as they walk down the street; in a taxi while commuting; at the airport while walking to or sitting at their gate; or at a retail display as they shop.

What degree of reporting do you offer advertisers?

Real-time data is available for every smart object engagement. Information captured in the Blue Bite dashboard includes time and location of engagement, device information, prior user engagements and specific content that was viewed. Advertisers are able to measure success through accurate analytics, enabling transparent ROI reporting for clients.

What are some of the leading brands that have used your technologies?

On the OOH side, we have worked with major media companies including Lamar Advertising, Intersection, JCDecaux, CMT and Adspace Mall Networks, among others. We have also completed hundreds of successful campaigns for major advertisers including Ford, Samsung, Paramount Pictures and Puma.

Blue Bite technology in action

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Programmatic DOOH ad space will be in high demand: IPONWEB

A recent addition to the Digital Place Based Advertising Association’s (DPAA) membership ranks was IPONWEB, a global technology company. IPONWEB is at the forefront of the increasing use programmatic in the digital out of home industry, helping DOOH networks develop new revenue streams.

Freelance reporter Mel Stott chatted recently with Brian Golbere, IPONWEB’s GM of Emerging Technology, about the company.

Please tell us about IPONWEB’s business and its role in the digital out-of-home ecosystem.

IPONWEB is a global technology company that specializes in programmatic, RTB and machine learning. We started in digital advertising over 12 years ago, applying powerful algorithmic and data-driven decisioning to digital display, video and mobile inventory being traded in real-time. We quickly realized that the same underlying technology frameworks apply equally well to other media channels, including TV and DOOH.

Today, we work with DOOH media owners who are looking to open new revenue streams by tapping into digital budgets and monetizing unsold inventory at the screen and audience level via programmatic channels. We partner closely with these publishers to understand their unique business requirements, legacy systems and data assets to engineer 1st-party programmatic platforms tailor-fit to achieve their goals.

Brian Golbere

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DPAA Publishes Programmatic Standards for Digital Out-of-Home Media

Benefits Buyers and Sellers by Expanding Opportunities for Targeting and Transacting.

Creative & Technical Specs Work Led by Prohaska Consulting and Published after Thorough Review by Market and Stakeholders. 

NEW YORK, April 10, 2017– The Digital Place Based Advertising Association (DPAA) has released programmatic standards for the digital out-of-home (DOOH) industry, as part of an ongoing process to facilitate DOOH transactions.

The standards will benefit all stakeholders – buyers, sellers, brands and the ad-tech community – by expanding opportunities for buyers to target audiences and purchase DOOH media programmatically. They have been produced in coordination with DPAA companies, with leadership provided by Prohaska Consulting and published on the DPAA’s website. The standards have been reviewed by Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) and media owners.

Barry Frey, DPAA president & CEO, said, “In recent years, our annual survey of media planners consistently has shown that programmatic availability will lead to higher levels of spending on DOOH media, which is not surprising since programmatic boosts targeting ability, efficiency, speed of transaction and ROI. These standards put DOOH in a leading position for programmatic adoption, providing exciting opportunities and enabling broad-based compliance that even television and radio have not yet achieved.”

Frey said that many of DPAA’s members already comply with the standards. This positions DSPs well to put this new functionality to work for their clients and their increasing DOOH budgets. Continue reading