Exceptional OOH Creative Yields Exceptional Results

OAAA presented the 2016 OBIE Awards last month to the best of the best in OOH design in 2015. While the winners were recognized for creativity and beauty, the campaigns were also exceptionally effective.

“Great OOH creative can stop consumers in their tracks,” said OAAA’s Stephen Freitas. They will remember the ad, tell their friends and family about it, and with that we have achieved positive brand recognition.”

Sukle Advertising took home a top honor for its work for Denver Water. For the last 10 years, Denver Water has stressed to locals that water is a valuable resource and should be used conservatively.


The campaign has earned Exceptional OOH Creative Yields Exceptional Results OBIE recognition eight times in 10 years. View all 10 OOH campaigns by Denver Water. 

In 2006, the Denver Water Board declared a goal to reduce water consumption by 22 percent in 10 years. After the first three months of the original campaign, a 21 percent reduction was reported by the utility, and the campaign’s success has continued over the last decade.

Downtown Partners also took home a Best of Show OBIE Award for its campaign for Adler Planetarium. With flat sales for the last 20 years, the planetarium sought to increase attendance and elevate the Adler brand.

The multi-format campaign featured “Space is Freaking Awesome” ads on billboards, double-decker buses, walls, and more throughout the Chicago area.

Social media promotion followed, along with five TV spots.


The Adler Planetarium saw an immediate impact on its business. Year-over-ear visitation increased 21 percent, and “Space is Freaking Awesome” has become part of the Adler lingo.

One of this year’s International OBIE Award winners was Grand Visual for Oreo. To celebrate the UK’s biggest solar eclipse in 16 years, the “Oreo Eclipse” was featured on digital billboards in synch with the actual eclipse.

42787-OreoEclipse London
The campaign earned 20 million impressions on social media, and sales went up by 59 percent – the highest ever in the UK. Watch the video.

Learn more about this year’s and previous OBIE Award winners at http://www.obieawards.org. To  see other examples of effective OOH campaigns, visit the OAAA Case Study Library.


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